Plot 8782 on Muluwe or Lake Road in Lusaka, Zambia.
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Multisensory International School strives to contribute to a world where everyone, regardless of differences, is loved, accepted, cared for, and included. It aims to improve communication skills and adaptive skills, develop hidden talents in people with special needs, improve quality of life, and assist people in achieving their ambitions.

Multisensory International School uses a multisensory approach that recognizes that individuals have diverse learning styles and preferences. Engaging multiple senses simultaneously, such as seeing, hearing, and touching, helps reinforce learning by creating multiple pathways to understanding. This approach can enhance memory retention, improve comprehension, and make learning more enjoyable and accessible for a wider range of learners, including those with learning differences or challenges.

We have high expectations of and for our pupils. We are committed to delivering an exceptional education that sets up every pupil for future success.  We do this through our core values of academic excellence, social intelligence, and ethical living.

These core values create the drumbeat of our school:

Work hard.

Be kind. 

Make good choices.

We take time to develop and reinforce our understanding of our core values and promote them in every interaction we have. During their time at Greet, these values are instilled in pupils, supporting them to: achieve academic excellence; develop their social intelligence; and lead ethical lives.

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